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Snap! slap! ouch!!

A young woman yelps in pain as the stinging blows rain down on her

Did she deserve it?

The sting of the cat

Spanks for the memories

A stern disciplinarian belt-whips a blonde's blazing buns as she cries out in pain each time the leather bites her tender flesh

Red buns blaze

He certainly can be cruel--he means business with that paddle, and her thoroughly reddened ass is a lot the worse for wear! A thoroughly chastening paddling!

Ready for punishment

Punishment freaks will love this one, with two young women, one punishing the other, while the recipient cries out in pain and anguish

Girls can be brutal

One girl brutally punishes another with a whip and her bare hands in the movie that shows women can be just as harsh and brutal as men can

Brutal bun beating

Does Valerie deserve the treatment she gets? Brutal bun beating is only part of it. Poor Valerie! She is in for the beating of her life

Stocks and blondes

How can one woman be so cruel to another? But the vicious blonde orders the other blonde into the stocks and then whips her till she cries out in pain and agony


Ouch! Why is this young woman being punished this way? Does her taskmistress not appreciate that she has delicate skin and does not wish to be whipped? She is in for it now

Welts and all

A young woman falls victim to a man and woman who tie her to a frame so she is immobilized while the man whips her back cruelly

Tender flesh

How can one man mete out such cruel punishment to a lovely young woman? This guy seems bent on making his victim see red...and we certainly see red as her body turns crimson under his brutal beating

Take that! (if you can)

How cruel can one woman be to another? Unremitting pain abounds as one woman flogs another relentlessly

Strung-up submissive

The stern-face woman watches over the two lean blondes, undressed to their panties, as one whips the other with a cat o nine tails

Stand and submit

The blows fall thick and fast as one woman flogs another before permitting her to get dressed and leave the room

The whipped wanton

Does she really deserve such brutal punishment? She may have misbehaved, but should it really come to this?

Dark-haired dominatrix

The dark-haired dominatrix is unsmiling, unflinching, and unforgiving as she determinedly lashes out at the bare back of her blonde captive


A cat o nine tails leaves horrible welts on the back of a luscious blonde, who must endure terrible punishment from another woman. Soon her back is blazing as brightly as her orange jumpsuit

Bare back rider

Her captor seems to relish the pain she inflicts on the bare back of the woman she's whipping with the cat o nine tails

Splayed and afraid

You know how tender the backs of one's thighs are... but that's just where the whip is aimed after this girl's legs are hoisted high in the air? You've never seen such reddened flesh!

In the stocks

A brutal beating on her butt follows imprisonment in the stocks. She cries out in pain, but her captor shows no mercy

Bare it and bear it

The depths of one woman's cruelty are on display as she flogs another woman, who cries out again and again in pain

You have no choice

She has no choice but to submit to the horsewhipping dished out by the half-naked blonde with the determined expression

Why are you doing this?

What has this young woman done to deserve such incredibly punishing whipstrokes from the determined and unsmiling man who's wielding the whip?

Bend over and submit!

A man metes out punishment to a blonde whose hands are elevated uncomfortably behind her back. The strap whizzes through the air, whipping her buns till they turn crimson

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